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Holistic Healing

Getting to the Core

Using psychotherapy techniques such as motivational interviewing and emotional deepening we dive into the core of the baggage you are ready to release, find out why it is staying and give it permission to leave.

Mantra Manifestation

Making a simple declaration or mantra allows your cognitions to harmonize and join the healing that is about to occur. Most clients report their mantra staying with them and come back to it frequently after the session to deepen their results.

Chakra Assessment

Using a crystal pendulum, I will see how you are doing energetically by assessing each of your 7 main chakras. We do this before and after our work to see how things change during the session.

Sound Healing

A large brass bowl acts as a declaration or an opportunity to send energy through the body. Tuning forks offer frequencies that harmonize the body. Weighted tuning forks are used to activate the energy pathways in the body allowing for the negative to flow out and new unburdened energy to enter.


Gently placing my hands on the body, the body becomes even more relaxed and the universal healing energy of Reiki does it’s work. Many clients, feel sensations, find themselves in dream-like moments, or have an emotional catharsis. Others marvel at the level or relaxation or fall asleep.

Personalized Guided Meditations

Meditations from inner child work to cord-cutting will guide you into a total release you can imagine in your mind's eye. Based on the baggage you are releasing I will create a bespoke version of a guided meditation to watch your burden dis-connect.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bre

I am a Licensed Martial and Family Therapist who has worked at clinics specializing in relationships, as a couples therapist for celebrities, and as a wellness coach for corporations. While I loved my work and saw the value I was bringing to my client’s lives, I realized there was another epoch and felt called to study Reik. My first Reiki attunement created a profound change in me, allowing me to see the next epoch. The next year, I dedicated myself to learning and practicing, reading countless books, attending courses, and providing over 100 complimentary sessions. During this time of development, my understanding of what contributes to healing was enlightened and I was able to create an optimal healing environment with a set of techniques that leads the body to find its state of calm (ventral vagal), release negative energy, and invite in a more radiant version of themselves. The results I witnessed intrigued me, as a whopping 90%+ of my clients expressed feeling lighter and changed for the better after 1 session.

Now my work centers around sharing the Next Epoch.

Holistic Healing


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Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

If you are seeking a 5-Star holistic healing experience, Next Epoch Wellness will surely deliver! Bre’s incredible approach to total wellness includes mind-body-spirit therapies that encompass Reiki, healing touch, crystals, and sophisticated sound healing. Bre is also a licensed therapist who incorporates more traditional mental and emotional therapy techniques into her sessions. Her studio is perched above Lake Hodges surrounded by pine trees in the most serene Escondido setting. She goes above and beyond by offering follow up phone calls and journaling exercises. If you are committed to improving your well-being, I highly recommend booking an appointment with Bre. Next Epoch Wellness is a hidden gem!


Tiffany Bernstein

The most magical and comforting reiki experience I have had yet. Bre is so intuitive and goes above and beyond to help create a safe space - one that is welcoming and judgement free, putting your mind, body, and spirit at ease. Upon meeting we instantly connected and her attention to detail made all the difference. She holds space to get to know more about you and your experiences and the session continues to flow with this manner of gentleness. I left the session feeling rejuvenated and much more connected to my feminine spirit (something I struggle with). Bre is a true healer and I cannot wait to be back for my next session!


Carolyn Nguyen

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Bre's power is rooted in her heart, and her sincere urge to help her clients creates a dynamic healing opportunity. I would recommend Bre to any open minded person who needs help processing their emotions, desire or life in general. She is trained in many nourishing techniques (sound, talk therapy, and Reiki) and she brings them together harmoniously.

I came to Bre for assistance in processing the end of a relationship. Before our visit this dissolution weighed me down and kept me up at night. Our session gave me the chance to hash it out and name my desire. I left with some new techniques and mantras to help me go forth. Since our meeting I see the situation with new clarity and lightness. In regards to this relationship, my life feels different, better after our session.


Gem Ginger

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Bre’s Healing Studio

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